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Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

This procedure tightens the abdomen by removing excess skin and fat often developed during pregnancy or major weight loss. It may also include abdominal muscle tightening.

Abdominoplasty FAQs

Is a tummy tuck a good way to lose weight?

No. Abdominoplasty is not used to treat overweight or obesity issues. Patients intending to lose weight should reach weight stability before having any body-contouring surgery.

Are there alternative treatments to a tummy tuck?

If there is good skin tone and localized fatty deposits, liposuction may be a surgical alternative. Suction-assisted lipectomy or other body-contouring elective surgeries may also be combined with abdominoplasty. Diet and exercise programs may reduce excess body fat and improve body contour without surgery.

How long is recovery from abdominoplasty?

On average a week to 10 days with proper follow-up and at home care.

Will there be scars?

Yes, every surgery has a scar. This one is placed below the bikini line/lower abdomen and is easily hidden by everyday basic undergarments or a bathing suit. Incision placement varies depending upon the amount of skin removed.

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