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Patient Experiences

Read what our patients are saying about Big Sky Cosmetic Surgery!

"A friend of mine had great recommendations of Bozeman Health Cosmetic Surgery to me 7 years ago. Since then I’ve made the journey to Bozeman Montana three times now for cosmetic surgery and I’m from Canada. First time I went there I fell in love with the place. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, they took such good care of me. The office is nice and clean. And Bozeman, in general, is a great place to visit! So the next two times I didn’t think twice of coming back to Bozeman Health Cosmetic Surgery! And still had wonderful experiences... The staff isn’t just staff to me they are friends years later! Dr. Hetherington does amazing work... He’s a perfectionist. I was completely satisfied with the surgeries I had. Even after I left the country he and the nurses personally followed up with my recovery. I would recommend Bozeman Health Cosmetic Surgery to anyone looking for cosmetic surgery." —Jocelyn

"I am from southern California, the cosmetic surgery mecca. I was surprised and delighted to find your office here in Bozeman offering all the services I was accustomed to. Your staff is excellent, your office is beautiful; I am very impressed." —T.S.

"I am so glad I chose Bozeman Health Cosmetic Surgery for my surgery. The staff is beyond amazing. They make you feel welcome from the first visit to the last one. I felt cared for every step of the process. My expectations were exceeded! Thank you!" —Carla

Breast Augmentation

"I decided to have the TUBA procedure done with Dr. Hetherington after just the initial consultation. The entire staff in the office was extremely helpful and communicative during the entire process from start to finish. They were knowledgeable in answering my questions and describing the details of the procedure. Each appointment was thorough yet efficient. They talked about the differences and benefits of each saline vs. silicone but did not sway in one specific direction. They allowed me to choose which was best for me with the given information. I felt the saline option was the best fit for me. I booked the surgery date for two weeks after my second consultation. The day of was relaxed and the process was really quick. The staff was supportive and calm which helped my nerves! I was home within 4 hours of getting into the office.

My end results are amazing!!! I can't say that enough!!! My pain was nearly gone after about a week. I still had some bruising and tenderness, but it was normal healing. I plan to start running 10 days after the surgery. I would highly recommend!" —Jamie

"I received my TUBA procedure in 2014 and could not be happier. Dr Hetherington and his staff are amazing and made this experience so worth it. Would recommend Dr Hetherington to any woman who is thinking of making this wonderful change in her appearance. Thank you!!" —Karen

"Dr. Hetherington was excellent! I was very nervous about having breast augmentation, but after my consultation, I had never felt more confident in my decision. He sat down and explained in detail each option and each implant that was available. Words cannot express how truly happy I am with my whole experience! His entire staff is fantastic, especially Peggy! I cannot thank them enough for giving me my confidence back." —Meagan

"I was a patient of Dr. Hetherington during April 2015. I cannot begin to say enough about the professionalism and care that I received. The surgery went excellent along with a fantastic result. The whole experience exceeded my expectations, from the consultation to the follow-up visits. The staff was remarkable, making me feel very comfortable during the whole process. I would, without a doubt recommend them, which I have already." —Ann

"When I first started thinking about breast augmentation, I looked at various places around Montana. I had it narrowed down to two places based on information I received both by calling the facilities and on the websites. Bozeman Health Cosmetic Surgery and Dr. Hugh Hetherington got my vote. I scheduled my initial consultation and was impressed first, by the facility and then, by the people in the facility. All staff from front desk to clinicians made both my husband and I feel very welcome and at ease. I was given a thorough examination and consultation based on my wants and was given the chance to see what various sizes would look like on me. The “rice test” helps, but is nothing like trying on the real thing in the office. When it came time for the procedure, once again it all went very smooth and I was informed about everything that was going to happen and what to expect with compassion, courtesy and professionalism. I was even given cell numbers to call in case I had questions after my procedure. I am VERY HAPPY with my results (as is my husband!) and would highly recommend this facility, Dr. Hetherington, and his office staff for any breast augmentation consults and procedures. I had the TUBA procedure and went from a B to a D/DD (depending on the bra!) and it is very natural looking and feeling. I thought I might have to get an entire new wardrobe, but in fact, it just made my existing wardrobe look better! If you are even considering breast augmentation, go a step further and have the consultation with Bozeman Health Cosmetic Surgery. It is worth it and you will probably leave the office scheduling a procedure date like I did!!" —Traci

"I had been wanting these for about 7 years and I do not regret getting them and going through the process one bit… I worked in the operating room as a circulating nurse for 5 years and I knew what to look for as to technique before surgery and they were top notch… within just over a week I was riding my razor through the sand dunes and completely comfortable. I had a minimal amount of bruising and I can't even see the scar in my belly button." —Katie

"After having my children I decided that breast augmentation was something that I wanted to do for myself to help restore my body. Dr. Hetherington and his staff made that possible. From the first consultation through post op I have had wonderful and professional care. I feel beautiful and I am thankful to Synergy medical spa and their staff for making that possible." —Lisa


"I love my brow lift. My face looks so open and relaxed. I love that all the incisions are in the hair so I have no visible scars. Your staff took such good care of me. Thank you everyone."

"My results are so natural. Now I look rested and refreshed. No one would ever think I had surgery."

"Before my Brow Lift I looked like I was worried, tired, and sad. Not at all how I felt. I am very pleased with the natural look of my results and I look as young as I feel."

Eyelid Surgery

"A heart felt, big thank you to all of you at synergy. As you know, I had my brow lifted and my eyelids done. It’s been 5 weeks now and I’m so tickled with the results. I have my youthful look back, I still get tired, but I don’t look it. All along this process i felt so comfortable. I have so much trust in you all and I thank you for making me feel part of your family. Looking forward to pictures, before and after. No more wet dish rag look anymore. Thank you, thank you." —Diane

"I am so happy with my eyelid surgery. I look and feel years younger. Thank you for taking such good care of me." —R.H.

"I love my eyelid surgery; my eyes look so refreshed and youthful. People no longer ask me if I am tired or sad. It is so much easier to wear eye makeup as well. I had heard that if you wait long enough the excess skin will impair your vision and insurance will cover the procedure. I thought about waiting, but I am so glad that I didn't. The cost was less than expected and every morning I see a happy, rested face in the mirror, and that is priceless!"

"I have had bags under my eyes since college, and as I've aged they became more pronounced and saggy. Not a good thing. I wore glasses to try to hide them. My wife encouraged me to meet with Dr. Hetherington. I liked him right away, and was impressed with his no pressure approach and his honest assessment of my problem. I am very pleased with the results of my surgery and found the whole experience to be surprisingly enjoyable. The staff is so personable, professional, and caring. I looked forward to each visit. By the way, I am back in contacts again and loving it."


"I dreaded the thought of a face lift; I was afraid of the scars, afraid of looking "done", or un-natural, but I felt I looked old for my age; running and too much sun had taken their toll. From the minute I walked into your office, actually from my first phone call, I was sure that I had come to the right place. Your staff is excellent, you are an artist. I now look as naturally young as I feel with no visible scars. I couldn't be more happy with my choice. Thank you Dr. H." —MJD

"I always thought face lifts were for little old ladies. I am in my late forties, a runner, fit and healthy, definitely not a face lift candidate, or so I thought. I came to your office because the skin on my neck was wrinkled and loose. And worse yet, I could see jowls forming. In short, I was starting to look like my father. When Dr. Hetherington explained a facelift primarily takes care of the neck and jowls I was surprised. That is not at all what I expected. It is now several months since my surgery and I couldn't be happier. I do not look drawn or "done," just refreshed. My skin is clear and bright thanks to the skin care suggested. Many thanks to all the staff, you are the best."

"You are wizards; the work you do is transformational. You could never imagine how much my life has changed in your care. "


"I can't believe the difference my liposuction surgery has made for me, I get compliments everyday. I wish I had done it sooner. A special thank you for the excellent care I received." —B.C.

"I had been exercising and eating healthy for years but could never get rid of my saddle bags. My liposuction was so easy to recover from---I only missed one day of work---and I already look so good in my clothes. Why did I wait so long?" —A.B.

"Even though I am in my early forties, I thought I needed a face lift when I came into your office. I was surprised to find out that facial liposuction was all I needed to get rid of my double chin and jowls. It was less expensive and such a quick recovery. Now when I really do need a face lift you can be sure I will come back to you; I am so happy!" —S.R.

Midface Lifts

"Thank you Doctor Hetherington and staff for my new look, I now see the old me back in the mirror and I love it. I really appreciate the after care; the massage and light were so relaxing. I looked forward to coming each day, and recovered in record time." —D.C.

"Midface lift. I thought I wanted a face lift, but you were right. This procedure was perfect for me. My eyes look younger, my cheeks fuller, and my mouth more uplifted. At first I thought I wanted to keep this surgery a secret, but I am so happy with how this makes me feel, I tell everyone. Thank you." —C.R.


"I think my ears look great. I didn't think they could look like this. This is what I always wanted." —M.W.

"The operation has gone beyond what I thought. I just wish I hadn't waited so long. They look beautiful." —R.T.

"I have been unhappy with my big ears all my life. When we started planning my wedding I dreaded the wedding photographs and decided to do something about it. My consultation with Dr. Hetherington made me feel so comfortable [they were] able to show me in the computer what I would look like if I had the surgery. When the bandages came off for the first time—I cried. My ears looked normal and beautiful. I was overwhelmed." —P.K.


"From my first consultations, through my surgery, you and your staff have delivered. I especially enjoyed the computer imaging, which enabled me to have a dialog with Dr. Hetherington. I have always been unhappy with my nose, but was afraid to make a change for fear of the outcome. The imaging took that fear away. You have changed my life and I will always be grateful for that." —T.C.

"I love my rhinoplasty. Since I was in my teens, I knew my nose did not fit my face. Now when I look in the mirror, or see myself in pictures all I do is smile." —K.J.

"I have broken my nose several times, and each time I was less happy with the appearance. This last time really affected my ability to breathe. My wife was ready to move to another bedroom because of my snoring, so I decided to do something about it. The morphing with the computer was the clincher. When I saw how I could look, and Dr. Hetherington explained how he could improve my breathing, I didn't waste any more time. Everyone was so professional, pleasant, and understanding of my questions and fears. Now my wife and I both thank you, I have my old nose back and breathe much easier, and another unexpected bonus, my headaches have greatly improved as well." —R.D.

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