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Chemical Peels

Almost anyone can benefit from a chemical peel. Peels can dramatically improve the health and appearance of your skin. Chemical peels safely treat sun-damaged skin, acne, hyperpigmentation, mild rosacea, oily skin, wrinkles, fine lines around the eyes and mouth, mild scarring, and dark patches from pregnancy (melasma). A general rule of thumb: The deeper the peel, the more significant the results but the longer the recovery time. We offer an array of chemical peels depending on your skin type.

  • Superficial: Removes the outermost layer of skin and can be done two weeks apart.
  • Medium-depth: Removes skin cells deeper into the epidermis and can be done four weeks apart.
  • Deep: Removes skin cells from the epidermis and parts of the top, mid- and lower layer of the dermis. You will experience greater discomfort and longer healing time.

Special considerations: Three to four days before the peel, patients should stop using all topical retinoids (Retin-A, Differin, Aczone, etc.). Peels are not recommended if you have taken Accutane in the past 12 months, have received chemotherapy or radiation therapy or are pregnant or lactating. Please contact our office with any questions about chemical peels.

  • 45 min: $100
  • 60 min: $300

All peels receive a post care kit and follow up appointment at no charge.


Customized Facial

Face or Back

Whether your skin is in need of hydrating, purifying, rejuvenation or calming, our aestheticians will personalize your facial for a one-of-a-kind experience.

30 minutes: Focuses on specific concerns, such as acne and extractions, exfoliation or hydration.

60 minutes: Includes a deep cleanse of the face and décolleté, skin analysis, exfoliation with steam, extractions if needed, facial massage, mask and hydration.

  • Facial: 30 min ($55), 60 min ($90)
  • Back Facial: 60 min ($100)

Dermaplaning Facial

This treatment removes dry and dull skin cells and facial hair (it will not cause hair to grow back thicker or darker). Patients who utilize regular dermaplaning comment on the smoothness and softness, with an immediate improvement of the skin.

  • 30 min: $75
  • 60 min: $95

Oxy-Trio Facial

This acne antioxidant therapy is a three-step process specifically designed for breakout-prone skin. Treatment sheds and cleans the pores and includes extractions, and a leave-on booster treatment, leaving the skin purified, glowing and radiant.

  • 60 min: $130

High-Frequency Facial

Fight cystic acne or reduce breakouts with our high-frequency treatment. High frequency destroys acne-causing bacteria to reduce current and future breakouts. May be done on face, neck, back or shoulders and cover an entire area or spot treat. 30 or 60 min.

  • 3-spots: $30
  • Full Face: $50
  • Back/Shoulders: $75

PhotoDynamic CureLight Facial

After a deep cleanse and exfoliation, relax under the warmth of our pain-free, noninvasive therapeutic healing light. Our light has two settings: Red light kills acne bacteria and reduces inflammation while the blue light aids in lymphatic drainage and revitalizes aging, sun-damaged skin. This treatment aids in the prevention of actinic keratosis and sebaceous hyperplasia. After a light session, you will look and feel more youthful and energized! 60 min.

CureLight 100XL Facial

Enjoy the multitude of benefits of a facial with the additional advantage of a 20-minute CureLight session. The blue light kills acne bacteria while the red light aids in rejuvenation. Together we will choose which light is right for you. Lying under our healing light will boost your mood and leave you feeling refreshed.

  • 30 min: $75
  • 60 min: $100


Improve and revitalize your skin! This breakthrough system combines precise, non-invasive exfoliation with deeply infused skin-specific serums. Despite its name, this treatment is not a chemical peel, but rather a hydrating exfoliation treatment.

  • 45 min: $150


  • Lip: $20
  • Nose: $20
  • Chin: $25
  • Eyebrows (with shaping): $25


Bring out your eyes with a hint of tint. No-smudge tinting works on the finest hair, leaving eyelashes and eyebrows looking naturally fuller and fabulous without the hassle of daily makeup application. These customized, color-matched tints last around three to four weeks.

  • Lash Tint: 45 min ($45)
  • Brow Tint: 30 min ($25)
  • Lash & Brow Tint: 45 min ($60)

All prices are subject to change.

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