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The Team

Dr. HetheringtonDr. Hugh E. Hetherington

I grew up in Montana, but my advanced medical education and military duty have afforded me the opportunity to travel in Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Western Pacific, and the Islands of the Indian Ocean. As a Montana native, I understand the challenges of living in Montana. But, because of my training and travels, I also bring a global perspective to my practice.

My training taught me the medical side of cosmetic surgery. But there's another side of healthcare that can't be taught—­the side that appeals to the emotions and feelings associated with unhealthy or aging skin and the potential for surgery. However, in the years that I've been in practice, I'd like to think that listening to my patients, explaining all options and understanding their concerns are my real specialty—a service I hope you'll appreciate should you trust me with your care.

Playing an active role in professional associations keeps me in touch with the latest techniques. For example, I use laser and endoscopic techniques for many procedures. Becoming an expert with such advanced equipment enables me to give my patients exquisite results with minimal discomfort and recovery time.

Through my experience as a teacher and surgeon, I've come to recognize that each person is a unique individual with their own desires and expectations. It's important to openly discuss those desires and expectations and the reality of what can be delivered. Only then can we find the right solutions.

BarbBarb S. – Aesthetic Nurse

As a skilled registered nurse who has worked with people of various backgrounds and talents, Barb has learned the importance of personalized care. Barb received her nursing degree in 1994 from Montana State University and has been an injection nurse in Bozeman for 20 years, solely working for Dr. Hetherington! No other injector in Bozeman has the skill sets, talent and time dedicated to the art of injections.

The skills and techniques she has learned along the way are what enable her to effectively treat and provide you with the most advanced, cutting-edge treatments. She always takes the time to find out your concerns and will answer all of your questions before, during and after your treatments. You will benefit from her collaborative approach because it will translate into a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

PeggyPeggy – Lead Medical Aesthetician/Surgery Coordinator

Peggy is a Montana native. In 2001, she began working for Dr. Hugh Hetherington as a receptionist and patient coordinator. At the encouragement of her co-worker and mentor, she enrolled in the aesthetician program at the Health Works Institute in Bozeman. She completed the aesthetics course and received her licensure in 2008.

Peggy performs prescriptive-based treatments such as chemical peels, laser hair removal, IPL (intense pulsed light), fractional laser and radiofrequency skin rejuvenation. She also assists as our cosmetic surgery consultant with Dr. Hetherington. Peggy loves helping people look and feel their best!

MarnieMarnie L. – Medical Aesthetician

Marnie received her aesthetics training at Health Works in Bozeman in 2015. Her passion for skin care began in 1999 as a patient at Big Sky Cosmetic Surgery (now Bozeman Health Cosmetic Surgery + Medical Spa). Since then, she has embraced the power of medical-grade skin-care products and prescriptive aesthetic treatments in helping people look and feel their best. Marnie has enjoyed living in Bozeman with her husband and three teenage daughters for over two decades.

Sarah S. – Medical Aesthetician

Sarah has been a licensed aesthetician and working in the skin-care field since 2014. She has been with Bozeman Health Cosmetic Surgery + Medical Spa since 2016. She loves helping people feel more confident with their skin and customizing treatments to give each unique skin type the best possible results. Sarah is also in school to become a licensed medical assistant to further her knowledge and education.

Sarah H. – Sedation Nurse

Born in Wisconsin and raised in various big cities throughout the West, (including stints with her husband in Alabama, Chicago and Hawaii), Sarah has resided in Bozeman for the past 23 years. She has practiced in nursing specialties such as OB-GYN, oncology, in vitro fertilization, operating room and perioperative area. Her true love for the past 12-plus years has been performing moderate sedation for our cosmetic procedures. Sarah has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Washington and is a Certified Sedation Registered Nurse by from the American Association of Moderate Sedation Nurses. She has two grown children, a cat, and loves to ski and golf any chance she can get.

Dawn S. – Surgical Tech

Dawn is our Certified Surgical Technologist who assists Dr. Hetherington with cosmetic surgery procedures. A Montana native, she grew up on the family ranch 9 miles west of Big Sandy. After completing the surgical tech program in Missoula, she married Steve in 1990. Since 1992, they have lived in Gallatin Valley, where they raised their two daughters, Alison and Ashley. Dawn has contributed to the culture of excellence as a certified surgical technologist at Bozeman Health for 22 years. Dawn's idea of relaxing is bringing family and friends together for her culinary "experiments."

SaraSara H. – Clinic Manager

Sara joined the Big Sky Cosmetic Surgery + Medical Spa team in 2015. Sara's childhood summers in her native North Dakota were spent in a small farm town while attending and graduating high school in the capital city of Bismarck. Shortly after marrying her husband, Todd, in July 2015, they moved their family to the desired location of Bozeman, MT. Sara has a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management and has a goal to complete her master's in a healthcare-related field soon. Sara's personal and professional passion and experience in the cosmetic and aesthetic industry creates a sense of pride to be part of the growth and advancements of the team of elite experts here at Big Sky Cosmetic Surgery + Medical Spa.

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